The Fifth Trade Policy Review of Mauritius

The Fifth Trade Policy Review of Mauritius was held recently at the World Trade Organization (WTO) Secretariat in Geneva.

The Trade Policy Review is a transparency exercise mandated by the WTO Agreement and covers changes in trade practices and policies for the period under review. Two documents were prepared, namely a report by the Government of Mauritius and an independent report by the WTO Secretariat.

The Permanent Representative of Botswana to the WTO who chaired the meeting laid emphasis, amongst others, on the openness of the Mauritian economy and the economic reforms pursued during the review period. Mauritius highlighted the impact of  COVID-19 and the wide array of measures taken by the Government to sustain jobs, to address the socio-economic challenges, and to put the economy back on the path of recovery.

Some 52 WTO Members took the floor to comment broadly the Government and Secretariat Reports. The economic reforms undertaken by Mauritius to facilitate trade and investment were widely acknowledged as well as the key measures adopted by Government to mitigate economic shocks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Click here to download both reports

Sources : ITD

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