DELETED First Schedule to the Consumer Protection (Control of Imports) Regulations 1999

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The characteristics of the Regulation

Type of regulation:
Export Permit - required
Description of the regulation:

DELETED Export of Controlled Products (Sugar) [NOTE Removed chapter 1701]

Partner countries to which it applies:

All countries

Authority who issued the regulation:
Ministry of Commerce and Consumer Protection (Trade Division)
Level 1, Sicom Tower,
Wall Street,
(230) 460-2500
Ms.F. Chamroo / Mr P Radha

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How is the regulation enforced?

Authority enforcing the control:
Mauritius Sugar Syndicate
7th floor, Medine Mews Chaussée Street Port Louis
(230) 212-0814

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The process in order to get compliance

Process for complying:

Export permits are approved and delivered via TradeNet Phase 5 System on the same day provided all conditions are met.
Export Certificate are also approved and delivered on the same day.

NOTE: (1)Exporters should submit invoice when applying for an export permit.
    (2). Companies exporting goods for consumption on ship should produce ship handler certificates.
    (3). Freeport companies exporting controlled products should produce their freeport certificates.

Required Documents to process:

Approval documents from Mauritius Sugar Syndicate Plantation is required

Authority delivering compliance:
Agricultural Marketing Board (AMB)
Dr. George Leclezio Avenue, Moka
(230) 433-4025

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