Mauritius Agricultural Marketing Act 1963

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The characteristics of the Regulation

Type of regulation:
Export Authorisation - required
Description of the regulation:

Export of Controlled Products by AMB

Official text describing the regulation:
Partner countries to which it applies:

All countries

Authority who issued the regulation:
MOA (Ministry of Agro Industry & Food Security)
9th Floor, Renganaden Seeneevassen Building
Port Louis
(230) 208-1354

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How is the regulation enforced?

Where/when is the control enforced:
AMB, Head Office, Moka. Before any exportation, request should be submitted to AMB in writing for approval or otherwise.
Authority enforcing the control:
Agricultural Marketing Board (AMB)
Dr. George Leclezio Avenue, Moka
(230) 433-4025
Trade & Marketing Officer of AMB ;

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The process in order to get compliance

Process for complying:

Exportation is subject to payment of an administrative fee set by AMB

Process is online ?:
No. Request must be submitted to AMB in writing.
Average time to get compliance:
< 15 days
Cost estimate to get compliance:

Administrative fee of Rs 1/kg with a minimum fee of Rs 550/-

Once I have it, what do I have to do:

Applicant must submit Plant Import Permit; Application Form specifying product, quantity and country of destination.

Validity of the compliance:
PIP- 4 months as per T & C set by NPPO
Required Documents to process:

Plant Import Permit Application Form

Authority delivering compliance:
National Plant Protection Office (NPPO)
Agricultural Services, Réduit.
(230) 465 4902

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