Mauritius – Pakistan PTA

Mauritius-Pakistan Preferential Trade Agreement

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1. Background

A Preferential Trade Agreement (PTA) was signed between Mauritius and Pakistan on 30 July 2007 and came into force on 30 November 2007. Under the PTA, tariff concessions have been granted on a list of products of export interest to both countries. Hence, allowing operators to trade with Pakistan on preferential terms.

The Preferential Trade Agreement between Mauritius and Pakistan can be accessed here.

Coverage of the Agreement

The Mauritius-Pakistan PTA comprises of two main components:

Concession List

Pakistan offered concessions to Mauritius on some 130 tariff lines such as soaps and detergents, baby diapers, textiles and garments, fish and fish products and black tea among others. Pakistan concession list to Mauritius can be found at the following links:

Pakistan Concession List to Mauritius - Non Textile Items
Pakistan Concession List to Mauritius - Textile Items

Mauritius offered concessions to Pakistan on around 102 tariff lines, including rice and cereals, biscuits, tobacco, textiles items and wood articles.
Annex A of the PTA provides the concession list of Mauritius to Pakistan.

Rules of Origin

To benefit from preferential treatment under the PTA, exporters must comply with the rules of origin:

The rules of origin and the market access offers of both countries can be accessed by clicking on: Annex C - Rules of Origin

The PTA Certificate of Origin is obtained from the Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry and approved by the MRA Customs Department.

Quota for garments

Exports of garments to Pakistan under the PTA are subject to Quotas. The quotas are administered by the Ministry of Commerce and Consumer Protection.

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