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Entry Requirements

Passport and Visa Service
Visa HQ
List of diplomatic representations (in French)
For Further Information
Check IATA Travel Website for visa requirements and health advices.

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Organising Your Trip

Transportation From Airport to City Centre:






Car Rental
Abidjan - Houphouët-Boigny (ABJ) 15 km / 9 miles XOF 1500 - USD 12 / 20-30 min XOF 210 / 25 min - Available

Major airlines

Name Type Domestic Flights International Flights
Air Côte d'Ivoire Major Yes Yes
Air France Major No Yes
Turkish Airlines Major No Yes
Emirates Major No Yes
Brussels Airlines Major No Yes

You Can Consult The EU Air Safety List. Look Also at the rating of the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

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Different Forms of Tourism

From the North to the South, there are many historical monuments: the French district in Bassam, the Governors' house in Bingerville.
Bonoua (residence of the king of the Abouré), Krinjabo (Agni country), Sénoufo country, Dan country, Sakassou (capital of the Baoulé kingdom).
A succession of rocky cliffs and sandy creeks on the south-west coast ( Lahou-Fresco-Sassandra-san Pédro, etc....). Ecological tourism: 6 national parks ( Azagny - Comoé - Banco - Tai - Marahoué - Péko - Sanglé Mount - the Ehotilés islands ). Apart from these parks there are the reserves of Divo, Mount Nimba, Lamto and the Abokouamekro Game Reserve.
The mosques of Kong and Kawara, not forgetting the Basilica of Our Lady of Peace in Yamoussoukro ( a copy of St Peter's Basilica in Rome).
Seaside tourism: 500 km of beaches with coconut palm plantations in the south-east (Abidjan-Bassam-Assinie).
Winter Sports
Outdoor Activities
All water sports can be practiced on 300 000 hectares of lagoon.  There are golf courses in Abidjan, Bouaké, San Pédro and Yamoussoukro; the Abidjan marathon and many sports events.
Awélé (an abstract strategy board game), masks, bronze, gold or silver jewelry, colored material, drums, leather goods, Korhogo fabrics.

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Living Conditions

Health and Safety

Health Precautions
A certificate of vaccination against yellow fever is required for all travelers over one year old. There is a risk of malaria in its malignant P. falciparum form all year round throughout the country. Resistance to chloroquine has been reported. Recommended prophylaxis: MEF. Vaccination is strongly advised against tetanus, poliomyelitis, diphtheria, meningococcal disease, typhoid fever, hepatitis A and hepatitis B.
To avoid traveler's diarrhea, you should avoid the foods most at risk: dishes prepared and then eaten cold later; seafood, meat, fish which are badly cooked or not cooked enough, and raw vegetables and fruit you have not peeled yourself. Drinking water must be boiled and filtered or drunk from sealed bottles. You are also advised to wash your hands with water and soap or with a hydroalcoolic solution.
International Hospitals
Sainte Marie International Polyclinic
For Further Information on Sanitary Conditions
Recommendations for travelers from the World Health Organization (WHO) (in English)
For Further Information on Safety Conditions
The UK Foreign Office Travel Advice
Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
U.S. Department of State Crime & Safety Report

Emergency Numbers

Police 111/170
Firemen 180
Emergency medical services 185

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Time Difference and Climate

Time and Time Difference
It is %T:%M %A In Yamoussoukro, Abidjan (GMT)
Summer Time Period
The hottest period is from March to May.

Map of the Time Zone

Time zone

Type of Climate
Equatorial climate in the South (rains from April to July and October to November), becoming tropical in the North (rains from April to October). Take light clothing for all times and protection from the rain in that season.
Hotel reservation websites
Côte d'Ivoire weather forecast (in French)

Average Annual Temperatures and Rainfall



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Food Specialties
In the city of Abidjan you can find different kinds of restaurants: French, Vietnamese, Lebanese, Italian, exotic food (Creole etc.). There has been a boom in the number of Chinese restaurants in the country's largest cities. In Abidjan, the Treichville neighbourhood is famous for its spicy dishes.
Kedjenou: Banana skins stuffed with chicken and vegetables.
N'voufou: chopped up bananas with palm oil, served with an eggplant sauce.
Attieké (manioc couscous)

Aloko: (plantains fried in oil).

Bissap (decoction of hibiscus flowers), niamakou (decoction of ginger), bangui (palm tree sap).


Tchapalo (millet beer), koutoukou (brandy made from bangui).

Dietary Restrictions
Dietary restrictions vary according to a person's religion.

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Domestic Currency
ISO Code
To Obtain Domestic Currency
The currency is the CFA franc.
Possible Means of Payment
You must take a very large quantity of cash, as shopkeepers often have little change. Visa and MasterCard cards can be used in the large hotels in Abidjan.

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Official Language
Other Languages Spoken
There are numerous local dialects such as Dioula (a language close to Bambara), Sénoufo (in the North), Bété and Baoulé (in the South).
Business Language

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Useful Resources

To Find a Job
Afric Search
Careers in Africa

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